Tuesday, September 30, 2008


guess what? sophomore decided to make another small run of the zipper skirt and zipper dress, which both sold out immediately everywhere a few weeks ago. place your prebook order now, with an expected ship date of november.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


new pieces by WITH HEARTS IN MY EYES just added to the shop. if you don't feel like you need any of these pieces now, trust me you will in about 3 months once you catch up to hannah's speed. always ahead of her time. and without the high price tag that usually goes with it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


a few things have been marked down... knox bags, jersey dresses and some jewelry. see everything in our SALE section..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

crush confirmation

i'm 100% in love with david berman.

he's clearly on the tippy top of my top five. he's got all the key ingredients to unlock my universe.
my general preference of dude mixture is (in order of importance):
loves animals
a tad mental
nice gear/preferable grandpa related
messy hair
pretty dark eyes

maybe i love david berman because he's basically john mcguire but in top five-ish untouchable fantasy form. either way, his show last night was really something else. i might even say the best show i've ever seen (not including morrissey like duh).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

time is a game only children play well

i just spent two hours on the silver jews message board. david berman actually writes on there! a little excerpt:

4. Cassie's solo album "Portrait of a Plus One" is something.
5. That's what I'm talking about when i'm talking about google purity.
6. Imagine speaking in pure "no results". past-future tense
7. I have a list of things to do just like you. Mine says "call mom" and "mow yard", too.
8. I am so psyched to have the Monotonix open for us in England and Germany.
This seems to prove that we are not a real rock band. A real rock band would never
arrange to follow the Monotonix..
9. I placed a glass building on a hill in Tennessee.

we are finally seeing the silver jews tonight at the casbah and i can't contain myself. i've been listening to their records for 15 years, and david berman is still on my current top five dudes i would bang list.
plus, the documentary finally came out today! david berman says "it's like footloose. i come into town, liberate the feet of the teens."

Monday, September 22, 2008

black lace and crushed velvet

new pieces from this girl will be added to the shop by this weekend. save your pennies.

hannah bartie and with hearts in my eyes, exclusively at bona drag.

osbourne cox and linda litzke

going to the movies is one of my very favorite things to. i wish i could go every sunday, but unlike the barties who probably saw soul plane in the theaters, we won't go see just anything. a coen brothers film is always a great reason to go.
francis mcdormand and john malkovich killed it! i laughed at brad pitt on cue, and i even think i like george clooney now. plus the movie poster is beautiful. do your next sunday a favor and see this one.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

happy birthday bona drag.

bona drag launched one year ago today! hannah and christina and i will be celebrating over drinks at the bar tonight. but that's nothing new, we've been celebrating over drinks at the bar every thursday night for years. stepping outside of the box, we call it "ladies night". it's pretty special stuff and very high school with three members only. i'd like to dedicate bona drag's first year to these special ladies.

and to footloose. and to puddy from seinfeld.also a severe honorable mention goes to my boyfriend john mcguire. thanks for your patience and understanding during the long work hours. and thanks for breaking down all those boxes. your cute support and excitement towards bona drag's small victories means the world to me.
friends that inspire awesomeness and make you laugh are the best kind. thanks guys.

shut up lee.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


i used to hate pony tails. but now i wear them all the time.

no reason.

have you heard chan's new car commercial?

Monday, September 15, 2008


yesterday chad asked me if i plan to vote. i said yes. then he asked who i plan to vote for. now i'm not one to talk politics, ever. but that kinda hurt my feelings. how could anyone think that there's actually a possibility that i would vote for mccain/palin?
yes, it's true i might be too busy searching on ebay for norma kamali vintage to actually watch and dissect all of their speeches and debate with oly about it. but some things are just obvious. i'm a vegetarian and not for health reasons. i love my kitten more than most humans. i pray to crystals and not to god. i probably won't ever get an abortion, but no white haired old man is going to tell me that i can't. i feel like these sentences are pretty much the same as saying "i like pizza". everyone likes pizza, don't they? all of my friends do anyways.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

kitten party

introducing nova. john got her for me for my birthday yesterday and she's already my #1.
here she is in the cardboard box house john made for her.
she also really likes the birthday dress hannah made for me.

we tossed around a few names.. like pizza, hot sauce... until we decided on nova. named after linda harrison's character in planet of the apes.

in other news...
christina turned 30 so we had a little party for her on a boat.

it quickly turned into the renee show.
which is the funnest thing that could happen to anyone's life.