Monday, September 15, 2008


yesterday chad asked me if i plan to vote. i said yes. then he asked who i plan to vote for. now i'm not one to talk politics, ever. but that kinda hurt my feelings. how could anyone think that there's actually a possibility that i would vote for mccain/palin?
yes, it's true i might be too busy searching on ebay for norma kamali vintage to actually watch and dissect all of their speeches and debate with oly about it. but some things are just obvious. i'm a vegetarian and not for health reasons. i love my kitten more than most humans. i pray to crystals and not to god. i probably won't ever get an abortion, but no white haired old man is going to tell me that i can't. i feel like these sentences are pretty much the same as saying "i like pizza". everyone likes pizza, don't they? all of my friends do anyways.

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allison said...

Dude, this might make me a narrow minded bitch, but I can't imagine having friends who aren't bleeding heart liberals. How do people befriend, or worse, MARRY people with an entirely different type of morality? I can't imagine having pro-life friends.