Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Eviana continues to capture unexpected silhouettes in the most ethereal sustainable fabrics in her new collection. We realized a somewhat similar aesthetic in our friend Mikaylah Bowman's nature and photographs, so we asked her to interpret the collection as she sees it. We love what she came up with. She styled and photographed herself. Click on the images to enlarge.
"I meditated a little bit once I got the clothes and felt like there was this sort of "urban nature" aura to them. Materials that are delicate, beautiful, natural but cut in an almost urban-warrior-girl kind of way. I wanted to find spaces in Austin that spoke to that, abandoned couches on the side of the road, textured brambles littered with plastic bags, this kind of comforting juxtaposition.

I canoed for two hours to get to an off-limits island right next to the big dam in Austin, there are turtles, vultures, swans and herons everywhere surrounding the algae rocks but the backdrop is this eerily beautiful dam! I've always wanted to get over there and finally did. I broke both my cameras paddling away from cops with megaphones but had already put the film rolls in three layers of plastic bags, so they were safe!"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We're so excited to introduce our good friend Jennifer Murray's new collection of striped thermal knits, called Edith A. Miller. By far the best striped knits out. Made in America, at the same century old family-run knitting mill that made the historic Robert P. Miller military thermals. Jennifer and co-designer Nancy Gibson worked with the mill to create Edith A. Miller, using the same idea as those amazing original military thermals with a slightly updated fit and lighter hand for ladies. They all have that perfect vintage-like rib, and are super comfortable.
Edith is featured in this months Vogue! Here's co-designer Nancy Gibson, model Chantal Stafford-Abbott, and Jennifer Murray all in Edith stripes.

Monday, March 28, 2011


This video should be called GO VEGAN OR GET FUCKED. I never thought a baby deer could make me so happy.
Maybe it's a baby elk. Who cares, it's awesome.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Just when you thought you had everything you need. Let me introduce you to your new favorite dress: The peony floral Drama dress by The Reformation. Yael really romanticized the 90's and created flattering, flowy shapes with ethereal silks in THE BEST timeless floral prints. These dresses will stay in your (and my) closet for life. This is another shipment where Hannah and I couldn't help but take one of each for ourselves..
The super silky lavender tea rose Petra dress.
Have enough dresses? Here's a silk top, cropped at the back to wear with some high waist cut off jean shorts.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A few pieces of MANIAMANIA's newest collection, 'Reve' has arrived, including the much anticipated IMMORTAL RINGS in three different stones.
I love how Tamila and Melanie of MANIAMANIA are so particular about siting their inspirations by giving comprehensive, specific explanations to illustrate their entire thought process. It makes each piece that much more special. This collection was inspired by Vali Myers, which I found particularly interesting.. it's definitely worth reading below.
It is the season of the witch at MANIAMANIA, with ‘Rêve’, their latest collection of wearable whims, derives inspiration from the enigmatic vagabond artist, Vali Myers, who ceaselessly roamed the world rousing those she met with her authenticity and fire.
Dancing, painting, writing poetry and playing muse to luminary artists and musicians Patti Smith, Marianne Faithful, Donovan (for whom Myers danced as he performed ‘Season of the Witch’ at Albert Hall in London), Andy Warhol and Salvidor Dali among many others, the free-spirited and ‘phantom-like’ Vali traversed cities from Sydney and Melbourne to Paris, New York and Positano, dauntlessly living in the moment and leaving the future to chance.

It is the mood and spirit of this fearless woman, for whom art and life were inexorably linked, that informs MANIAMANIA’s striking and savage jewels for the season ahead. Vali’s ‘war-paint’ – intricate facial tattoos of her own creation – that inspired a young Patti Smith to have the artist imprint a small lightning bolt on her knee in New York’s infamous Chelsea Hotel, now takes concrete form in the ‘Patti’ ring; while the ‘Il Porto’ rings allude to Vali’s dreamlike residence in Positano, Italy, where she set up a wildlife sanctuary. The powerful ‘Vagabond’ necklace and cuff draw on Vali’s gypsy-like nature, and the ‘Love on the Left Bank’ rings, pendant and bangle reference Ed van der Elsken’s cult photo-book of 1956, filled with romantic images of a young Vali while she lived, in all her penniless bohemian grandeur, on the streets of post-war Paris.
MANIAMANIA’s rock’n’roll aesthetic combines with the wild, winsome spirit of Vali Myers in an earthy and electric new collection, Rêve. Vali’s love of nature and wildlife (particularly foxes with which she felt an affinity), nomadic temperament and uninhibited lust
for life inspire a collection conceived in Bronze, Sterling Silver and striking crystal stones, Amazonite and Smoky Quartz. A duo tone metal plating effect has been artfully applied to the pieces, each which are encased and presented in a soft earthy grey suede pouch.
More pieces of the Reve collection will arrive in August.


Introducing Rachel Antonoff Spring 2011. This collection is full of child-like nostalga with pastel colors, oversized collars, hearts and matching sets. Reminiscent of fairy tales, slumber parties and lollipops, but still very wearable even if you're old enough to remember Babysitter's Club and Sweet Valley High.
Here's Rachel cuddling one of her favorite passions: kittens

Monday, March 21, 2011


Introducing TBA (To Be Adored) from the United Kingdom. Designer Binbin McNiven (previous assistant to Alexander McQueen) draws inspiration from the feminine illustrations of Sara Moon. This whole collection is pretty much made for Alexa.. here she is wearing the Moon dress.
View the dresses here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I have been really into my turban lately. No, it's not officially a turban, I know. Regardless - my head has been swaddled in some sort of hat-fabric-thing for the past two weeks. I can't stop. With a button up collar shirt? Yes! With a dress? Sure! Anyway, I suggest you give it a whirl. It really classes up a sweatshirt, I promise. It worked for these lovely ladies:
It might be the gateway drug to some seriously batshit crazy decisions for me. I fear I'm going to dress like the daughter in grey gardens soon. Well, I do love singing and dancing already... crap.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


We went to see the Family Band play a couple times this week.
On the train to San Diego.
My cute boyfriend, the text master.
Jonny from the Family Band and Gia from Unearthen. Hannah and I have a new favorite band - It's called S.T.R.E.E.T.S.! It's Jonny's old band, and it stands for "Skateboarding Totally Rules and Everything Else Totally Sucks". The best band name I've heard in a while.
The next night we drove to LA to see them play, and I dressed Kim in the Lindsey Thornburg black widow dress and Aesa abracadabra pendant. She looked amazing! This band will put you in a trance.
What's more romantic than a husband and wife playing music together? Oh, probably when they play music together in the cabin that they BUILT TOGETHER.
Kim wore her own Bona Drag studded ballet slippers. The fringe of the dress just touched the floor, and looked so sweet with flats.
Our pile of jewelry in the hotel room the next morning. We had a day full of appointments with new designers in LA.... we're getting really excited for the future of Bona Drag.


As promised, Hannah's renowned corset-fitting flare pants in black crushed velvet.
It's amazing how many emails we've received about these since we put them on facebook a couple weeks back! See them here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Your summer gear has arrived. Below is the lovely Victoria Legrand from Beach House wearing the Chart Dress. Read more about when Tiffany went to the presentation and watch the video made for this collection here.
See the whole collection here.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


You ever feel guilty about not reading classic novels? Me neither. But sometimes I get almost as much satisfaction from reading magazines. These are the best not-entirely-just-about-fashion-magazine-journal-type-things going on right now. I love them and you should, too. Here's three of my current favorites.
All the guilty pleasure of a fashion magazine with smart articles and beautiful photographs, pared down and grown up. Charming and quirky, too. Features interviews with "international women to love and admire" like Yoko Ono and fashion photographer, Inez.
BEST THING IN THE CURRENT ISSUE: Eight pages spread on different varieties of apples. How sweet is that? Yeah, well, in all likelihood not sweeter than a Pink Lady variety from Australia. (I learned that.)
Quarterly magazine that dedicates each issue to a single subject. Part scholarly journal, past issues have included subjects like Friendship, Maps, and Magic. The current issue is titled "Hair". This one has been a favorite of mine for years. I find that reading it helps to wash away the guilt I absorb from all the years of watching reality television.
BEST THING IN CURRENT ISSUE: Acrylic paintings by artist So Yoon Lym. Formerly a high school teacher in New Jersey, she photographed intricate hair patterns (aka cornrows) of her students and painted them.
LULA: Girl of my Dreams
A substantial version of a fashion magazine complete with flirty, dreamy photo shoots, cut-out doll parts, and interviews with artists, musicians, actors and filmmakers. Insightful articles with contributors like Miranda July, Rachel Antonoff, and Sophia Coppola.
BEST THING IN CURRENT ISSUE: Kim Gordon interview, talks about her music and her gorgeous watercolor paintings!