Friday, May 30, 2008

you're gonna miss me when i'm gone

the morrissey video for his new single "all you need is me" is finally out! our friend freckle face (lee) actually worked on this video last month and i was forbidden to blog about it. i've really grown to love this song, maybe because it was so exciting that day we watched the top secret footage of the million takes, or maybe just cause it's a good song.
i like this video cause it captures a lot of morrissey's charming facial expressions.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

jesse kamm

jesse hand sews each piece of her line in her la studio. she also creates the drawings that make up her textile designs, and hand prints them herself. her pieces are actually numbered like works of art, and are available only to a handful of boutiques around the world.
another reason why jesse is cool: she spends half the year in panama with her boyfriend on an eco-conscous reserve because "there are no fast food joints and strip malls", and they have "50 cent cerveza's".

Monday, May 26, 2008

this must be the place

thanks john for taking me to the root on the back of your scooter.
thanks joe pease for wearing matching shoesthanks neighbor steve for singing my favorite carter family tune "you're gonna be sorry you let me down" thanks casey for making up this new drinking game. also, big news. casey asked rockytop to spend the rest of their days together.
she said yes!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

herb and merlin

jeff king just got a couple of baby goats. no big deal. here's hannah (the designer of with hearts in my eyes) feeding them some delicious leaves. these guys are only three months old!
hannah's wearing her new rose top and judi rosen's stove pipe jeans.

Monday, May 19, 2008

casey collins

on sunday we sat in the park for casey's birthday. casey can make me laugh without even saying anything. but then he says stuff...
"life is just what happens when you're not drinking beer"
"could you please just let me get in the way of myself?"everyone loves some steve n amy
happy birthday casey.

Friday, May 16, 2008

when i saw you

a while back a girl named molly butterfoss bought a necklace from me. i noticed a link to her website, so i clicked on it to learn that she's an illustrator from minneapolis. i found this one drawing of the ronettes that i especially loved. i just finally got a chance to inquire about it and ask if she'd like to make prints of it for bona drag and she agreed! these will be up on the site by tuesday or so.
has anyone read the ronnie spector autobiography? just wondering if i need to read it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

god has a voice, she sings through me

a new cocorosie song was released digitally today. touch and go records asked me to post it for you all to hear:
even though their music is getting a little too electronic for me, i still like them because they sound like themselves. la maison de mon reve is a great album.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

theres a clock on the wall making fun of us all

you've probably already heard, but there's a new gang in town.
i want to get my own scooter so bad. but i can hardly ride a bicycle, so i should probably stick with sitting on the back of john's.
this is me trying to take photos of joe pease behind us and john screaming "GOD DAMNIT heather i told you! both arms around me with hands interlocked at all times!!"so far we do strictly gang type stuff. like stop at the farmers market to buy carrots to feed these friends down the street.

Friday, May 9, 2008

go to the pannikin instead of starbucks tomorrow morning.

this is a little late but if you're local, there's a sale on the grass at the pannikin in encinitas on saturday morning from 10 till 2. i'll be sitting with kimmy of pony attack. i'm using this as an excuse to relax a little bit and have some early drinks in the grass.

bona drag isn't on the flier, but that's just because i have serious commitment issues. i'll have a rack of clothes for 50-80% off as well as these sead bead beauties:

Thursday, May 8, 2008

FAITHFULL: an autobiography

i just read the marianne faithfull autobiography. in the beginning it was hard to believe.. with all the boastful stories and name dropping and all. (running into jimi hendrix, banging keith and dating mick) but then i realized it was all the mere truth - there just isn't a demure way of write things like that. she included all of the truth, even the mortifying and degrading parts where you start to realize what an asshole she was a lot of the time.
the book was great. especially if you like the rolling stones. i have a new appreciation (or obsession?) for her, knowing all that she's been through. it's amazing how much her voice (not to mention her looks) have changed so drastically from her first hit in the mid 60's "as tears go by". and it's not just age. her voice now sounds like a whole lot of experience and a whole lot of drugs.
she turned down BOB DYLAN!!!!!! who does that? danielle petrosa's marianne necklace:
the notorious performance of marianne dressed like a nun singing 'i got you babe' with david bowie. so good.

Monday, May 5, 2008

the less we say about it the better

i took a self portrait of myself in front of the painting my aunt clara gave me, and fedexed it to her in milwaukee. an hour later i decided to fly there to say hi to her in person, arriving well before the envelope did.
i've always said that i wanted to collect more paintings by this fairly unknown artist barbara weber, but now is the time to finally do it. i'm planning on finding these matching ones first:
there's just now finally a website about the artist, that seems to be made by her husband. it's very odd, with random links and photos of their old and new friends as well as their pets. here's larry, barbara's husband, posing nude for her at age 24:
and here's their cat, in their somewhat current closet:
the internet is awesome! and holy crap, larry has a blog. it's written exactly the way an elderly person would write it. he talks about the weather, family members, eggs in a nest by his house, financial troubles.

in milwaukee i learned that it's ok to die, especially when you're old. it's not that scary really. unless everyone around you starts chanting the rosary, then things might get weird.

i just realized i look new age or something in my self portrait. grossly modern compared to carmen in the painting. it must be that plant hanging in the corner that's doing it.