Sunday, June 27, 2010

and they rode on in the friscilating dusklight..

here's my current top five.
jake ryan.
owen wilson as eli cash

a young morrissey
my boyfriend john was on this list last week, until i was reminded that you aren't allowed to add attainable makeouts. only the out of reach most bangables.


the summer collection will be up on the site in just a day or two!

corinne did an amazing job with choosing colors this season. the best shades of tomato red and creamy white i've ever seen.
this is what refinery 29 has to say about the name corinne chose:

We're all for women's rights, so when we found out why Corinne Grassini chose Society For Rational Dress as the name of her line, we fell in love with the designer and her collections a little bit more. During the late 19th century, the London-based Rational Dress Society set out to abolish the use of constricting and deforming garments typical of the Victorian era, and it was their ideology that inspired Grassini and informed her line's pension for pushing the boundaries. "They fought against prescriptions in fashion," she explains, "they wanted to have freedom in what they chose to wear." Grassini has an unparalleled understanding of a woman's body, and this is reflected in shapes that are both flattering and unapologetically feminine

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

because we're very aware that you do not care

we went to the morrissey convention in LA last sunday. why wouldn't we want to be in a drunk room full of people that feel exactly the same way we do?
i definitely bought #4 and #5, and now regretting that i didn't buy them all.
this dude made my top five this week.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

mixtape volume 8

the new bona drag mixtape volume 8 is shipping with all orders starting today. this one is especially close to the bona drag heart cause it features a few bands of the designers we work with, such as open ocean (eviana from bodkin plays the drums), family band (kim krans is the singer/songwriter and the artist behind the wild unknown, (our) living sacrifice (carly margolis from all for the mountain sings and plays an array of instruments), and jeffertitti's nile (danielle devincenzo's band and designer behind onward into the future. plus, some great bona drag customers/and human beings in general like dan (and his wife) from the black keys. as well as some other amazing songwriters...
we used a polaroid photo by photographer/friend molly surno for the cd.
for the track list card, we used this photograph from the samantha pleet 2010 look book, taken by andrew de francesco. thanks samantha!

order today ($100 or over) and receive our new canvas army green tote for free!
p.s. how do you like our new future logo? created by the talented kim krans.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


it never looked better. hannah, dan, johnny and i took a 2 day trip to remember where we're gonna live one day again, probably.
we finally got our bff tattoo.
my cousin's bar (alcoholism is what you do in milwaukee)
hannah running to find more beer
visited grandma mcguire. she wore gingham and amazing ankle boots.
my bro and sismy sister's dude is a johnny toohis kids made a list of magical powers. it was insane and made me want to have kids for a second.
one of those kids also made this awesome polar bear.
hannah, probably drunk again

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


stylelikeu did a great feature on pamela love.. watch the video here.
pamela loves lindsey thornburg cloaks..
and shes wears the silver talon cuff and the silver crow skull necklace.. two of my personal favs.
she also just did a guest blog for opening ceremony.. read the stories behind her personal jewelry collection here.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

heather grey

ronnie and christina in all grey. we had drinks after this photo shoot, and i learned that ronnie's favorite sienfeld character is george (same as me). then christina invented loving ronnie. me and hannah call christina the inventor (it used to be question master). she doesn't know that until now.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


our current picks from american archive:
yes, these are cat faces all over this dress: