Wednesday, June 23, 2010

because we're very aware that you do not care

we went to the morrissey convention in LA last sunday. why wouldn't we want to be in a drunk room full of people that feel exactly the same way we do?
i definitely bought #4 and #5, and now regretting that i didn't buy them all.
this dude made my top five this week.


kevynn said...

haha no way.. thats great that you guys can get out and support something you love so much, especially good music. one time i went to this flea market with all these sick posters and rolling stone magazines from the sixties&seventies.. way before my time but i can see where youre coming from, totally obsessive about led zeppelin.

Eran Evan said...

I can't believe such meetings are being held. Ooooofff i wish i could witness it too. and uy all posters.
In Tel Aviv we get an ocassional Smiths/Morrissey party once in a few months but this display of Style is far from what we see here.

Great For you!

reckless daughter said...

I love that you went to that convention! awesome.

baine said...

holy shit! the kid in the last picture is my good friend ryan!!!! thats so weird and he totally loves/looks like morrissey that is so at his best friends house right now. CRAZY! sweet pics by the wayyyy