Saturday, January 23, 2010

mast brothers in brooklyn

apparently a lot of people don't realize that dark chocolate is vegan. thank mother fucking god it is! mary meyer sent me this chocolate bar for christmas.. and it's by far the best chocolate i've ever tasted. you can taste the fleur de sel!

the mast brothers chocolate factory was just featured on the selby. seeing the process makes it taste even more delicious.. i'll definitely be paying those dudes a visit next month.
there's definitely nothing wrong with two brothers with beards that make chocolate with their own hands in their chocolate factory. the only chocolate factory in new york city.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

track 2 - mexico city

and back to the volume seven mix tape. this has got to be my favorite song on the whole cd. it's just beautiful.. she sings about the living and the dead and drinking booze.

she's a real sweetheart, that jolie. i'm not going to talk about every song on this mixtape. only the ones that mean a whole lot to me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

bona drag in the wild

hannah wearing the motorcycle jacket in san franciso.
rumi wearing the web clover bracelet.
christina wearing the illex kinni wedges on christmas day.
model daria strokous wearing the dolce vita quote boots scrunched down a bit. (thanks freya)
and last.. but definitely not least: MARY J BLIGE wearing the UNEARTHEN PYRAMID WATCH!!!!!! click to watch the video.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

things that happened

i finally invested in a fake christmas tree.

we had a holiday party.. fully stocked with cocktails stolen from the Death and Co menu.
philippa introduced me to roasted chestnuts!
i make bread now, every day. how does an entrepreneur like myself have time to make fresh bread everyday? well, let me tell you how. john's mom bought me this book. here's my first special loaf.
i started a vegan diet a few months ago and i've been eating the tastiest meals i've ever had, to go along with the fresh bread. please someone tell me about a vegan red wine that doesn't taste like vomit. until then, vegan minus wine (and alcohol. god i love a good drink)
why eat vegan? because i love animals and it's a step in the right direction to help them out. plus it's easy as shit, which i didn't realize until now. in hopes that it might show someone else just how easy, delicious and healthy it can be, i'll be doing some vegan cuisine posts.

nova and pizza are super into it.