Monday, February 26, 2007

to me you are a work of art

i found these postcards at a thrift store years ago. when i first stared at them i never thought in a million years that you can still rent these romantic rooms today.

they call this room paris violets

this bathroom has french love letters imbedded in the shower door

we finally went to the real live place while on a road trip over the weekend. the place is full of very spooky romance. phyllis madonna designed the interior 49 years ago and she's my new crush

the carpeting had serious flair

every corner was amazing - you can't see in the picture but this light fixture was made of light blue glass and it looked perfect against the green walls

custom madonna inn goblets of every important color

where there wasn't carved wood and stone walls, the place was dripping with jewels and grapes and sparkly ceilings and over-dramatic everythings

i never pictured myself as the type of girl to plan my wedding before i'm engaged. but i've also never seen such a pink and red room.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

discount tuesday movie night

factory girl was a hit with the ladies. and sienna miller was the perfect edie. i wish i could go out wearing tights and a leotard with nothing covering my bum. i wonder if john would let me. i learned today that bob dylan and lou reed hated the movie and bob even sued. lou reed said "it's one of the most disgusting, foul things i've seen - by any illiterate retard - in a long time."
it makes you wonder and dream of what really happened back then and why they are so mad at it?

Friday, February 16, 2007

this one goes out to my girl.

i'm dedicating my first post to dorothy marie. she was the bona drag mascot and one of the best and worst things that has ever happened to me. she smelled like an exotic perfume. she was a little piece of sunshine with a million colors. she loved window fixtures, necklaces and john mcguire the most. thank you jason for taking care of her up there. yes that's what i believe, and i'll bet you a rico's burrito with a lot of hot sauce that it's true.

8/6/06 - 2/4/07