Monday, February 25, 2008

art party

the bees were here. and christina got a new haircut. but these photos aren't about that.
we went to an art show.
much more about joe pease later
the artists
then we went to the whistlestop for bootie bassment. after a few drinks it was totally awesome. kimmy wore her dance gear and danced the CRAP out of the dance floor, and josh said the words "my number one" 400 times.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

there is magic all around you

john and i have lurked on this website for years, and i finally just made a purchase the other day. johanna's art inspired by stevie nicks.

this might be my favorite stevie song today: IF ANYONE FALLS
especially the part where the 'shadow up against the wall' lyrical explosion happens.

stevie's been inspiring late night dance parties in our bedroom lately. she'll always be one of the greatest.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i can see myself in you

when i was about 14 my godmother michele took me to see aretha franklin. that's an amazing thing for an aunt to do for a young shy fry of a girl.
my aunt was dancing her tits off and saying over and over "why is everyone sitting?". i was too shy to get up and dance with her but i still knew she was the coolest person at the riverside theater, besides for maybe the queen of soul herself.

the new erica weiner "black fist" necklace reminds me of my dark skinned sicilian godmother michele. this one is for all the strong black women out there.

blog post soundtrack:
aretha franklin "never loved a man"
cat power's cover of "aretha, sing one for me"

update: after posting this, neighbor amy made me aware of the current aretha. i haven't kept track of her sister act type of self (she's probably made a few christmas albums too) and i didn't know about her unacceptable disrespect for our friends. shame on you aretha.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

opposite day

a few weeks ago i went to an asr party. i can't remember the last time that happened to my brain. the party was for john's friend olly.

did you know the word ollie is in the dictionary now? an old lady stopped john in mid shred today to tell him that. it was also kimmy's birthday. also i was sober the whole time.

but i have to admit, i had a lot of fun that night. it might have had something to do with the fact that JASON LEE was there. it meant a little less to me than it would have a few years ago before his tv show that's not funny, but i was still fanning out. not enough to get a proper picture with him.

only of the back of his head.

and his gulu.

Friday, February 15, 2008

is that an expression or just her face?

either way, juliet burke's face sucks. but what about last nights amazing episode?? about as banging as christina was back in high school.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

i only hear what i want to

a special valentine from freckle face to you.

my lovelife

everyone knows valentines day is kinda whatever. but i'm a retailer, so any orders over $100 now through saturday will receive a free pair of heart shaped sunglasses.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

when juliana hatfield was my chan marshall

i lived most of my teenage years in the early 90's in milwaukee. that's when i was way more emo than i am now - not a black on the outside morrissey type of emo but the kind of emo where i'd much rather sit in my room and paint, sew and listen to music than hang out with a bunch of humans. everyone was into pot and techno and i wasn't. the few girlfriends that i did have would always ditch me for dudes, which i'll never understand. it was kinda lonely sometimes but i was still content sitting in my room thinking i was being radical by taking black and white photos of lesbian barbie dolls. pretty soon i found booze, rv, ak and tim kulas, and then my life in california.

this velvet patchwork skirt is my new favorite piece of gear. like maybe even of all time. thanks hannah. i didn't even have to ask her for one, she just knew. it's something that i'll keep forever and will recycle every decade. i know it's true cause it reminds me of something i would've worn in the early 90's. if i didn't have such skinny legs i'd have to buy a pair of combat boots to wear with it. i just realized i have the exact same hair now as i did back then. minus a few new fine lines forming on my face and one bra size, i look exactly the same as i did 15 years ago. happiness runs in a circular motion. that reminds me, it's probably time for me to get my first mammogram.

Monday, February 11, 2008

hand in hand down a water slide in chattanooga

a few romantic pieces have just been added to the bona drag collection. madame fortuna's one of a kind necklaces - all handmade from vintage findings.

also - new skirts handmade by with hearts in my eyes. fully reversible in perfect tulip shapes.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

pure white light

a lady director by the name of alia raza is currently working on a short film based on one of miranda july's short stories starring becky stark and kim gordon. that sounds like something i totally wouldn't be into at all.
i also recently read that this same director (above on right, becky stark at left) created a video piece featuring devendra banhart and chloe sevigny for trasteverine's fashion show which took place last night in chelsea. again, whatevs.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i'm just out there, doing things for the community.

i used to spend hundreds of dollars a month at lou's records. now i just steal music from the internet and then buy the ones that i end up really loving. i guess that's what a lot of music nerds do now. or they buy songs from itunes, but i only do that when they have secret exclusive stuff. i'd rather give my money to lou. it's going to be a sad day when/if lou's has to close it's doors. i stopped by the other day to give them a donation/pick up a few new albums.
quick cd purchase review:
lavendar diamond - the cavalry of light
super awesome. and becky stark seems good and funny, and she's friends with neighber steve.

rufus wainwright does judy at carnegie hall
this one is slightly awesome. it was super amazing and magical seeing the live performance, but as far as listening to the audio - i'd much rather listen to the original judy version.

celebration - the modern tribe
this one SUCKED!!!

i've also entirely stopped going to mcdonalds for meatless happy meals on hungover days. and i'm trying to fix my espresso machine so i can cut buckers out. and as always, i don't party on el camino. wait, is the wine loft considered el camino?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Monday, February 4, 2008

guess who just made it to my top 5

daniel plainview

aka the 2002 butcher

it's gonna be a tough crowd for all those other male actors out there. I'd say THERE WILL BE BLOOD is an in theater must see.

these things take time

that's almost as clever as juno the movie. the morrissey watch is back in stock.

Friday, February 1, 2008

"the fog bank was just a brush stroke on a much bigger painting"

one of my ongoing aspirations is to get john to draw like he used to. when i first moved to california exactly 10 years ago, he'd have art attacks 80% of the day, every day. it was pretty sexual. he now likes saying "i quit art". i like saying fuck that. and i will keep buying him things to inspire the approaching renaissance. the latest inspiration purchase was this extra giant charley harper book. he says it was the best gift i ever gave him.

but he must have forgotten about these neil blender prints i bought him for christmas. they're from his website, the heated wheel, which is hopefully only temporarily down.

"sometimes art seems like the best idea you ever had"