Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i'm just out there, doing things for the community.

i used to spend hundreds of dollars a month at lou's records. now i just steal music from the internet and then buy the ones that i end up really loving. i guess that's what a lot of music nerds do now. or they buy songs from itunes, but i only do that when they have secret exclusive stuff. i'd rather give my money to lou. it's going to be a sad day when/if lou's has to close it's doors. i stopped by the other day to give them a donation/pick up a few new albums.
quick cd purchase review:
lavendar diamond - the cavalry of light
super awesome. and becky stark seems good and funny, and she's friends with neighber steve.

rufus wainwright does judy at carnegie hall
this one is slightly awesome. it was super amazing and magical seeing the live performance, but as far as listening to the audio - i'd much rather listen to the original judy version.

celebration - the modern tribe
this one SUCKED!!!

i've also entirely stopped going to mcdonalds for meatless happy meals on hungover days. and i'm trying to fix my espresso machine so i can cut buckers out. and as always, i don't party on el camino. wait, is the wine loft considered el camino?

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far out... said...

ohhh...come on now. starbucks is real tight.
when i am legal in this country, i am going to work there.
also at trader joes
also at albertsons in the produce section
and i might even put an application in at chipotle and ricos.
i'm not even kidding. one day a week at all these and i'll be set.