Monday, November 23, 2009

all for the mountain

all for the mountain is carly margolis and matthew morgan: jewelry, furniture, art. we just added their jewelry to our collection.. some from the new sacred mountain collection, and some of the older staple pyramid pieces. each design is hand carved by carly in wax and then cast in bronze.
mara hoffman pairs perfectly with all for the mountain:
the cuff is probably my fav:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

fishtails, stripes and lace

new arrivals: three dresses by with hearts in my eyes
plus, those perfect lace flare pants in a new burgundy fall color.

Monday, November 16, 2009

track 1 - don't throw me away

collecting songs for the bona drag mixtapes is a rewarding but very time consuming project... i have to find the perfect band, select the perfect song, email a hundred people and wait a hundred years for it to be approved, where approval rate is at about 10% since most labels have a no gratis policy. it could be a lot easier, but i don't want to settle with putting crap songs on the mix tape.
so i really love it when friends named peter mcbride help out with the initial process by emailing me lists of new bands to start listening to.
the mumlers were at the top of his list. fortunately the band and label were both super down to be a part of the compilation, cause i fell in love with this band and particularly this song. at first listen i thought for sure it was a cover written 50 years ago.. but no, it's an original, and timeless.
turns out, the talented peter designed the cd booklet. another cool thing about peter.. he made this tiny paper cut out collage of our cats, nova and pizza.
you can listen to the track "don't throw me away" on their myspage page here.
it might melt your heart.

diamond hunter

we just added some new stuff to the shop, my favs being this diamond hunter scarf by mary meyer (a great gift for anyone : co-workers, aunts, babies, gays)
and this perfect new t-shirt by Society For Rational Dress. it's soft and thin and has an open back held in place by a thick brass chain.
the faithful pantsuit is back with a belt!

Friday, November 6, 2009

THE BONA DRAG MIX TAPE - volume seven

the next mixtape is finally done! It will start shipping with all orders placed today. detailed track list coming up.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

there never really is a good time

i got a text yesterday, asking if i wanted two tickets to see dino jr that night. and i didn't even know they were playing!! hannah and i went and i can't believe how amazing it was. the original line up, and they all looked like they were having the best time playing. they opened with THUMB!! han and i both probably drank 4 jim beam and cokes during that song.. there's some kind of thirst mechanism that triggers when really great music happens.
i had the set list, and lost the set list, but luckily i remembered to take my new favorite shirt home with me. if you are somehow unfamiliar with this band (rachel??!), please do yourself a favor and start with Green Mind.
this night also gave me a realization. if i didn't have hannah, i wouldn't have had any other person in this town that would have wanted to go to this show. thank god she's not going back to australia any time soon. oh, and she's also working on three new WITH HEARTS IN MY EYES dresses for the holidays that YOU WILL DIE FOR.

Monday, November 2, 2009

georgia jagger

although lara stone is still my favorite gap-tooth model... georgia jagger is coming in hot.and she gets some serious awesome points for wearing an UNEARTHEN necklace below.
we're getting a brand new Unearthen shipment in next week.. including some brand new styles.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


the best time of year. chad bartie as ziggy stardustme and hannah as lydia and beetlejuice.
i made the shrunken head dude to sit at the bar with us.
john mcguire as larry david.christina dupont as max
danny stemper as mr. keno
philippa rattray as frida kahloand john rattray as leon trotsky