Tuesday, February 5, 2008


"where the president is never black, female or gay"


LS said...

so did you vote??

Flat Stanley voted for Obama, FYI

Heather Rose said...

yes! only cause i heard voting is in this season.
i hope you wrote about flat stanley's political views in your letter to joey's class.

LS said...

Flat Stanley is pissed about California's election results and begged me never to send him back there.
He's on his way to France.

Anonymous said...

We elected Arnold Schwartzenegger for governor. What, exactly, does Flat expect from Californians?

p.s. What happened to Freckle Face? She seemed so mad on her last post.

Heather Rose said...

freckle face is a dude. he used to be my friend, now he's mostly just the husband of my friend christina. he doesn't much like it when i post pictures of her.


i think he might be bipolar.

Heather Rose said...