Saturday, January 23, 2010

mast brothers in brooklyn

apparently a lot of people don't realize that dark chocolate is vegan. thank mother fucking god it is! mary meyer sent me this chocolate bar for christmas.. and it's by far the best chocolate i've ever tasted. you can taste the fleur de sel!

the mast brothers chocolate factory was just featured on the selby. seeing the process makes it taste even more delicious.. i'll definitely be paying those dudes a visit next month.
there's definitely nothing wrong with two brothers with beards that make chocolate with their own hands in their chocolate factory. the only chocolate factory in new york city.


ļ¼­arimo said...

It's seem a very delicious chocolate. Can it be bought from Japan?I want to go to the shop some time!!!

Cille said...

Ugh, seems like I have to go there next time I go NYC! Yum! Great blog!


Tiffany said...

It really is the best chocolate ever. I have to stop every time I'm in NY. The bar with pistachios will blow your mind.