Sunday, June 27, 2010


the summer collection will be up on the site in just a day or two!

corinne did an amazing job with choosing colors this season. the best shades of tomato red and creamy white i've ever seen.
this is what refinery 29 has to say about the name corinne chose:

We're all for women's rights, so when we found out why Corinne Grassini chose Society For Rational Dress as the name of her line, we fell in love with the designer and her collections a little bit more. During the late 19th century, the London-based Rational Dress Society set out to abolish the use of constricting and deforming garments typical of the Victorian era, and it was their ideology that inspired Grassini and informed her line's pension for pushing the boundaries. "They fought against prescriptions in fashion," she explains, "they wanted to have freedom in what they chose to wear." Grassini has an unparalleled understanding of a woman's body, and this is reflected in shapes that are both flattering and unapologetically feminine

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