Thursday, May 8, 2008

FAITHFULL: an autobiography

i just read the marianne faithfull autobiography. in the beginning it was hard to believe.. with all the boastful stories and name dropping and all. (running into jimi hendrix, banging keith and dating mick) but then i realized it was all the mere truth - there just isn't a demure way of write things like that. she included all of the truth, even the mortifying and degrading parts where you start to realize what an asshole she was a lot of the time.
the book was great. especially if you like the rolling stones. i have a new appreciation (or obsession?) for her, knowing all that she's been through. it's amazing how much her voice (not to mention her looks) have changed so drastically from her first hit in the mid 60's "as tears go by". and it's not just age. her voice now sounds like a whole lot of experience and a whole lot of drugs.
she turned down BOB DYLAN!!!!!! who does that? danielle petrosa's marianne necklace:
the notorious performance of marianne dressed like a nun singing 'i got you babe' with david bowie. so good.


juliet small ernst said...

did you see irina palm?

heather said...

i haven't! and it's now on my list of things to do. did you like it?

juliet small ernst said...

ho, sadly i didn't like it, though in fairness i didn't see it to its end. marianne was fine--the guy who played her son, on the other hand, and the music throughout it...yikes.

i'd love to hear another opinion, however. she's a badass woman.

Megan said...

marianne is my #1. when i first read her autobiography i immediately re-read it upon finishing the last chapter. ahhh so good!