Monday, May 5, 2008

the less we say about it the better

i took a self portrait of myself in front of the painting my aunt clara gave me, and fedexed it to her in milwaukee. an hour later i decided to fly there to say hi to her in person, arriving well before the envelope did.
i've always said that i wanted to collect more paintings by this fairly unknown artist barbara weber, but now is the time to finally do it. i'm planning on finding these matching ones first:
there's just now finally a website about the artist, that seems to be made by her husband. it's very odd, with random links and photos of their old and new friends as well as their pets. here's larry, barbara's husband, posing nude for her at age 24:
and here's their cat, in their somewhat current closet:
the internet is awesome! and holy crap, larry has a blog. it's written exactly the way an elderly person would write it. he talks about the weather, family members, eggs in a nest by his house, financial troubles.

in milwaukee i learned that it's ok to die, especially when you're old. it's not that scary really. unless everyone around you starts chanting the rosary, then things might get weird.

i just realized i look new age or something in my self portrait. grossly modern compared to carmen in the painting. it must be that plant hanging in the corner that's doing it.


Lydia said...

skirt, hair, lamp, plant. face it you're a hippie. what don't you just go cleanse your crystals after dinner.

i like what you said about death.

juliet small ernst said...

it's decidedly not ok to die in los angeles, don't you think? you raise a wonderful point and i keep thinking about it...

the photo of the husband is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

this could possibly be your chance to turn over a new leaf. but most likely you'll just continue on with your snide little remarks and holier than thou attitude which you push upon everyone except people whom you have just recently met. i called my "friend" and you came up in our conversation. he said he has seen many many people just like you and told me to relay this message directly to you...."young girl one day you will be old"

its funny how my friend talks.

Pony Attack!! said...

I swear that the place I told you about Albie;s has the same painting as you. Still plans for a adventure down there soon?

heather said...

i think dying in los angeles might be creepy. but thats just me.

anonymous (lee) is referring to his "friend" morrissey. he's been doing some top secret shoots of him on the beach involving a baby and we aren't allowed to talk about it on the internet.

and yes kimmy, i do want to go there!

dash said...

that's a great post. I love the photo, the story. to me you look really small, like a child. completely different perspective because I don't know you.

la femme said...

beautiful photograph of you with the painting.

Anonymous said...

i have the same painting of the spanish woman u took at ur aunts house

Anonymous said...

have two call meone by barbra weber and the other by ortiz call joe 757 692-5123

Anonymous said...

I have the picture you want...!!!
My email
I know is already past 3 years but you know... Just in case
Thanks Carmen

Corey Sayles said...

After a year of having this mysterious painting in my room, I curiously decided to look up this painter Barbara Weber.

Came across your blog post and realize that the painting your looking for of the female, is the same one that I have.
Also noticed how old this post was so I'm sure you have it by now.

Feel free to contact me

Anonymous said...

I have one of the paintings your looking for. How much is it worth to you

Mandy Johnson said...

Hi, I was at a city wide yard sale about four years ago and I found two latin inspired portriats. I was taking Spanish classes at the time, so I bought the paitings thinking that I would like to hang them in my home one day when I had one of my own. I have since decided against it and I looked the painter up on the web to see what I actually had. As it turns out, they are the set featuring "Doma Carmen" and "The Brave One." If you are still interested in aquiring these two pieces, please contact me.