Wednesday, May 21, 2008

herb and merlin

jeff king just got a couple of baby goats. no big deal. here's hannah (the designer of with hearts in my eyes) feeding them some delicious leaves. these guys are only three months old!
hannah's wearing her new rose top and judi rosen's stove pipe jeans.


Alexandra said...

I just adore your stuff, I'm broke right now, so I'm more frustrated than anything else, but soon, I'll have som of your fantastic items. I'll make a post about you on my blog, do not hesitate, check it out!

Anonymous said...

what is the conversation you had with king? did i mention i introduced him to the mozzer?

ashley said...

these jeans are amazing - in fact this whole outfit is really adorable!

ps : i am a huge fan of your store and blog! i'm a design student and whenever i get particularly down during the school year i go window shopping on bona drag and it cheers me right up, haha. i also make and sell my own feathered headbands and i think they might fit in will with the other accessories you sell in your store! i'd love to have you guys check them out, or maybe even make a batch for you to sell someday!

either way, thanks for being so lovely!

bastylefilegirl said...

I love all the " With Hearts In My Eyes" when will you be getting more items from the line in and are there any places instore you can buy them in the SF Bay area?

I plan on getting the Eden dress and the Rose top!

heather said...

hey style file girl, thanks for your interest. currently this line is only available online at Bona Drag. Hannah designs new things when she's inspired, instead of within the deadlines of the fashion seasons. we usually change out her pieces every three months or so, and we end up keep favorites longer.

Anonymous said...



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Jilly said...

love your stuff! Placed a post on my bolg! Great photos also, they really showcase the items! Thanks!