Thursday, March 17, 2011


We went to see the Family Band play a couple times this week.
On the train to San Diego.
My cute boyfriend, the text master.
Jonny from the Family Band and Gia from Unearthen. Hannah and I have a new favorite band - It's called S.T.R.E.E.T.S.! It's Jonny's old band, and it stands for "Skateboarding Totally Rules and Everything Else Totally Sucks". The best band name I've heard in a while.
The next night we drove to LA to see them play, and I dressed Kim in the Lindsey Thornburg black widow dress and Aesa abracadabra pendant. She looked amazing! This band will put you in a trance.
What's more romantic than a husband and wife playing music together? Oh, probably when they play music together in the cabin that they BUILT TOGETHER.
Kim wore her own Bona Drag studded ballet slippers. The fringe of the dress just touched the floor, and looked so sweet with flats.
Our pile of jewelry in the hotel room the next morning. We had a day full of appointments with new designers in LA.... we're getting really excited for the future of Bona Drag.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting excited too!

Jessica said...

should I just use the measurements from the other flares you guys sell, because I need to know what size to get. I'm a size 6.

Heather said...

Hey Jessica,

I hope you saw my reply on the last post! xo Heather