Sunday, March 6, 2011


You ever feel guilty about not reading classic novels? Me neither. But sometimes I get almost as much satisfaction from reading magazines. These are the best not-entirely-just-about-fashion-magazine-journal-type-things going on right now. I love them and you should, too. Here's three of my current favorites.
All the guilty pleasure of a fashion magazine with smart articles and beautiful photographs, pared down and grown up. Charming and quirky, too. Features interviews with "international women to love and admire" like Yoko Ono and fashion photographer, Inez.
BEST THING IN THE CURRENT ISSUE: Eight pages spread on different varieties of apples. How sweet is that? Yeah, well, in all likelihood not sweeter than a Pink Lady variety from Australia. (I learned that.)
Quarterly magazine that dedicates each issue to a single subject. Part scholarly journal, past issues have included subjects like Friendship, Maps, and Magic. The current issue is titled "Hair". This one has been a favorite of mine for years. I find that reading it helps to wash away the guilt I absorb from all the years of watching reality television.
BEST THING IN CURRENT ISSUE: Acrylic paintings by artist So Yoon Lym. Formerly a high school teacher in New Jersey, she photographed intricate hair patterns (aka cornrows) of her students and painted them.
LULA: Girl of my Dreams
A substantial version of a fashion magazine complete with flirty, dreamy photo shoots, cut-out doll parts, and interviews with artists, musicians, actors and filmmakers. Insightful articles with contributors like Miranda July, Rachel Antonoff, and Sophia Coppola.
BEST THING IN CURRENT ISSUE: Kim Gordon interview, talks about her music and her gorgeous watercolor paintings!

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