Tuesday, September 30, 2008


guess what? sophomore decided to make another small run of the zipper skirt and zipper dress, which both sold out immediately everywhere a few weeks ago. place your prebook order now, with an expected ship date of november.


kimberly said...

what does it really mean if the fates are calling on you?
happy beLated birthday from a girl virgo rock'n'roll dreammer in nearby carlsbad village by the sea. i somehow found you thru Patti's song Lyrics...balls of jade/LittLe sister.....yer shop is way wicked cooL...Love the stevie neckLace and the zipper skirt rocks!...you are an inspiration~!~

heather said...

kimberly is one of the best patti songs ever! i think that line is for your own interpretation, but for me it means your future is for the taking.. everything is up to you. a little inspiration to not let time pass too quickly.