Sunday, October 5, 2008

a desert romance

john and i took a magical road trip to the desert.
we stopped in idyllwild for lunch
john even offered to stop at every thrift store on the way! it was pure heaven... crap piled everywhere for days.
and then we arrived to our destination: 29 palms inn, the "forget me not" adobe was great being in the desert with absolutely nothing to do but sit and have a drink.rusty zorb photo by jmthis is right before we laid under the bright desert stars and john missed every shooting star cause he has ADD and he couldn't stare in the same spot for longer than a minute.continental hard boiled egg breakfast.
bye bungalow.


juliet small ernst said...

we'll be driving out to reno this weekend...a desert trek, too. your pictures are making me feel romantic for road trips!

{klaudia} said...

this is awesome. i wish i can do this one day. love your blog & your boutique, i think i might become bankrupt after seeing it.