Thursday, September 18, 2008

happy birthday bona drag.

bona drag launched one year ago today! hannah and christina and i will be celebrating over drinks at the bar tonight. but that's nothing new, we've been celebrating over drinks at the bar every thursday night for years. stepping outside of the box, we call it "ladies night". it's pretty special stuff and very high school with three members only. i'd like to dedicate bona drag's first year to these special ladies.

and to footloose. and to puddy from seinfeld.also a severe honorable mention goes to my boyfriend john mcguire. thanks for your patience and understanding during the long work hours. and thanks for breaking down all those boxes. your cute support and excitement towards bona drag's small victories means the world to me.
friends that inspire awesomeness and make you laugh are the best kind. thanks guys.

shut up lee.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.

You already know that I'm proud of you.

-Jason King

sandra said...


why doesn't your email work?

i got this email back that said that it didn't work.
im really interested in one of your bonadrag items and need to mail you about it.

please contact me,


heather said...

our email has been down since yesterday! it should be fixed in an hour or so.

juliet small ernst said...

happy birthday, bona drag! and happy putty, too. all signs point to yes.

Dennise said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite online store!! I wish you many more years of success and cute clothes that I can buy.

P.S. Heather the orange button dress is my new obsession.

Lydia said...
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Anonymous said...

if a tear falls in cyberspace and no one is there to hear it does it still make a sound? fucking boo hoo! 2009 the new Lane Tackitt award goes to..(drumroll).....

heather said...

like i said, shut up lee. at least your comment was actually funny for the first time ever!

Anonymous said...

did you know that puddy is kinda a cross between dan and nieko?

look into it.

Ash said...

Joyeux anniversaire,
Greetings from Paris!