Sunday, July 12, 2009

vince the cat

a customer of ours has been helping out our cat friends by capturing, neutering, and releasing feral cats in los angeles. she recently came across this amazing guy, who turned out to not be feral. he's super affectionate and wants to be loved, and was obviously someones pet in the past. he's the sweetest cat she's ever encountered. he had a painful infection in his leg which has been treated and is healing nicely. vince is now looking for a home.. if you or anyone you know is looking for a new friend, please consider vince.
email alison at for more info. alison says "when people talk about how rescued pets are the most grateful, this is the guy they are talking about. he is the real deal."

i wish i owned my house. i'd instantly become crazy cat lady.


katie said...

awwww, this makes me sad...i wish i could take he in L.A.? I have a few friends over there that I can email about him...he looks so sweet:)

heather said...

yes he's in LA!

lauren said...

aww that is such a cute kitty, i hope he lives a long and happy life!


alison said...

hey i am the girl who found vince, he got adopted and renamed 'perro' cause he acts like a dog. he is doing amazing, here's some pics of him on his new owner's website. they are smitten with him. thanks for the love and good vibes.