Saturday, July 11, 2009

san francisco

we took a road trip to see my SF BFF, tiff. hannah's wearing her newest purchase, the amazing silver talon cuff.
we stayed at the clift where there was a lot of dramatic lighting and kooky furniture.
room service is my new favorite hobbythe red clift elevator that looks like a smoky sweaty dance club
this might have been when tiff killed her finger off and called 911 and almost died.
han got to ride the bike since she had the highest heelsmy fav part of the trip was finally seeing where tiff works, crown point press. they use all of the old printmaking techniques, and it's all produced at the gallery.
hearing tiff talk about this art made me want to buy every piece. even these plain blocks of color.hannah was so excited she immediately got straight to work. just kidding she hates art.
the last supper was at delfina's. the best pizza i've ever had besides for manhattan in encinitas. saying goodbye at delfina's was way too hard, so we kidnapped tiff. on the way down we learned a lot of stuff on hannah's internet phone. like the names of all of the different gatherings of animals. here are some good ones:
a murder of crows
a clowder of cats
a colony of bats
a charm of finches
a parliament of owls
a cast of hawks
a business of ferrets
a barrel of monkeys


die t├Ągliche revolution said...

mentioned you on my blog!!


Bella said...

Now that's what I call badass bicycling!

jodache said...

ahhhh Delfina!! So so good! And I love the talon cuff paired with the slave bracelet!

...tom said...

Ed Ruscha... thats who I was trying to remember at your house. his work is great. Tiffany has a great job.