Wednesday, July 14, 2010


exactly 50 years ago today, jane goodall arrived in tanzania to begin her life long research and relationships with chimpanzees.
"i had a wonderful teacher about animal behavior - my dog rusty. he taught me that animals have personalities, minds, and feelings"
at 76 years old, she's still working like a maniac creating awareness all over the world. she's one of the most inspiring ladies ever.


Beckerman Girls said...

Jane is a really special and compassionate woman. It's amazing that she has been working with the chimps for over 50years and accomplished what she has! Great blog!!! Have an awesome summer!
xoBeckerman Girls

Anonymous said...

Love your store, but when are you doing an update on your items? I'm dying to see what's next, especially purses!!!:)

love from portland.

galatea. said...

what a beautiful lil' story x


heather said...

hi portland..

we'll be updating the shop in a week! we'll have two new purses within 10 days or so..


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I have read a book about her..really

Peter Carew said...

Look at those pieces..i feel so warm..