Thursday, October 22, 2009

milwaukee, at last

somehow john and i found a reason to go home to milwaukee about 12 times this year. this last visit was my favorite cause fall arrived, and i love weddings.
my little cousin angie got married.. the girl who can never make a normal face for photos.
no matter how hard she tries.
so i had to do my best to get some candid shots.. she wore all vintage and looked amazing. her dark green hat matched the vintage bridesmaids dresses.
i cut my hair and dyed it back to brown.. except i already chopped off this bob. i couldn't handle the cuteness factor of a bob.
when we arrived in town, we went straight to honey pie, sat with a drink and read the Onion.. to randomly find that my brother mike is in it!
the onion is a great paper, a milwaukee favorite: if you're not laughing now you're never gonna laugh.more about siblings, i just bought the new rufus cd/dvd, which is the live milwaukee show from his last tour, and my sister is all over the place in it! dancing in the croud (and on stage) like a drunk maniac. don't ever not go to see rufus play live. he's the best (besides for M)
this is just to prove how much i don't care about milwaukee. i wonder what john is telling me not to do?


Anonymous said...

Oh my...your makeup, hair, dress...are so lovely. i don't know if it would be rude to ask but...what blush and lipstick are you wearing? you look like a doll!

LS said...

AHHHHHH! Haircut, color, milwaukee...I am so behind!You should just round out the year with one last milwaukee trip at christmas. See you at Cliffords?!?

Oh--and don't keep me hanging on the hair--what's going on with it now?

Oh part 2--we'll be in LA in February, fyi

heather said...

thanks amy! the blush is cover girl cheekers blush in classic pink, and the lipstick is a tiny tiny bit of vamp by chanel.

LS - no more travelling till next year! see you in LA.

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY FEEL YOU on the cuteness factor of the bob. Swore I would never have a now growing out a very short haircut and am suffering through the bob stage. It's almost enough to make me wanna hack it all off!! RESIST, RESIST!!!!