Monday, March 2, 2009

working on my family unit

this is my family.
we've been searching for the fourth member named pizza. i told john we can't name it until we meet it, but he insists. so far these guys from petfinder are comin in the hottest.

luke the siamese

solara the bengal!!
and this grey tabby litter. god love a tabby.


Gnarlitude Jen said...

Oh my god, you have to get a bengal kitten!!!

heather said...

i want the bengal so so so so bad. but he's three years old and might not get along with nova.

john's totally in love with siamese luke. i think he's kinda whatever. but that might all change when we meet him tonight...

LS said...

That bengal is pretty awesome and since Nova is so young--they should acclimate (When we got Pancho at 6 months, Sofi was 4 and they are now best buds) Just be sure to do the slow intro method!!
But Luke is pretty cute too!

Izzy said...

That siamese is absolute perfection! I love cats so much, my kitty is definitely a very important part of my little family.