Friday, May 16, 2008

when i saw you

a while back a girl named molly butterfoss bought a necklace from me. i noticed a link to her website, so i clicked on it to learn that she's an illustrator from minneapolis. i found this one drawing of the ronettes that i especially loved. i just finally got a chance to inquire about it and ask if she'd like to make prints of it for bona drag and she agreed! these will be up on the site by tuesday or so.
has anyone read the ronnie spector autobiography? just wondering if i need to read it.


rhan small ernst said...

have you watched the amazing 'rhanettes' on youtube? i love that group always have always will, i haven't read the book because i always thought it was a tellall the crazy phil stories, i could be wrong though...let us know

heather said...

to be honest that's kind of why i want to read it... i love that stuff. my version of reality tv.

rhan small ernst said...

'phil made love me to me with a gun, he said, now sing dammnit sing." -that kind of stuff-

oh and i just realized the title of your post is one of my favorites...i'd lose my mind over you. love it

Sadako said...

Great autobio, you should check it out!