Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i can see myself in you

when i was about 14 my godmother michele took me to see aretha franklin. that's an amazing thing for an aunt to do for a young shy fry of a girl.
my aunt was dancing her tits off and saying over and over "why is everyone sitting?". i was too shy to get up and dance with her but i still knew she was the coolest person at the riverside theater, besides for maybe the queen of soul herself.

the new erica weiner "black fist" necklace reminds me of my dark skinned sicilian godmother michele. this one is for all the strong black women out there.

blog post soundtrack:
aretha franklin "never loved a man"
cat power's cover of "aretha, sing one for me"

update: after posting this, neighbor amy made me aware of the current aretha. i haven't kept track of her sister act type of self (she's probably made a few christmas albums too) and i didn't know about her unacceptable disrespect for our friends. shame on you aretha.

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