Thursday, November 8, 2012


As if you didn't notice, Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown created the best Tarot Deck out.  Here's some vibe proof.
Mara Hoffman
Pamela Love
Pizza the CAT
Hannah Baird
Kim Krans
Jonny Ollsin
Traci Bunkleman
Heather Rose Wojner

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Kimmy mcAtee said...

Chloe is a little bummed she didnt make the cut...

Natasha Kutrovcz said...

Those are pretty cool! I've always wanted a tarot card reading!

Xx Natasha
Garage Gypsy :the blog

Cynthia Archer said...

I am a Bona Drag Fanatic from back in the Southern California times. Watching you grow is a little like watching a child become a woman. It's mesmerizing and intensely beautiful. That sentence could easily describe this Tarot Deck, The Wild Unknown via Karen Krans capture the essence of the arcane deck to me in totality. I've worked with tarot for (hate to admit this but I got an early start) 20+ years. This is the pinnacle of everything I have worked with and I love it. I want to also express my joy at the collaborative line of jewelry (another of my loves) as what we wear/who we are/what our journey holds in store are unified in my mind. So, how and why did you select the specific cards represented in the line? I think the story will be equally fascinating.

xoxo Cynthia

Anonymous said...

Sorry, thinking Karen Walker and Kim Krans at once. Editor please fix. XO Cynthia

You know they're both otherworldly beauties...

Pauline West said...

I love this deck- mesmeric, yes Cynthia- intensely beautiful :)

cocosays said...


Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD, the sub/dude said...

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