Thursday, February 2, 2012


Again, Melanie and Tamila have created the perfect collection...THE MODERN sum it up...

"Like leaders of an autonomous spiritual order, MANIAMANIA have collected thought forms, visionary experiences and tripped out icons for their new collection, ‘The Modern Utopian’.
Radial lines are traced from Californian communes and cults of the late 60s and 70s so to consider a philosophical dichotomy - hedonism vs. spirituality. The door to their triangle of influences is the spirituality embedded in ‘Rock n Roll’ and western pop music’s romanticism of eastern transcendence. While grounded like a rock in the physical realm of performing and listening, it too rolls out an opportunity to transcend to higher states – a notion symbolized by The Beatles relationship with Maharishi and his address at Woodstock."

Then we also received some more pieces from THE THIRD MIND collection.

 I will sum it up in one word...RAD.

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