Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We just had our first annual Halloween party at Who Died (the official name of the Bona Drag headquarters). Milwaukeeans take Halloween very seriously..  which is one of the best things about this place. 
 Pre- party pics: 
The pentagram dance floor.
Kim Krans arrived with a bouquet of red roses for me, which turned out to be a great skeleton accessory.
Is three feet of dried leaves scary?  Somehow, very.
John and Aaron made an insane Upside down room.
The ladies lounge wasn't even decorated but it's still scary as shit.
 This is the secret room we found the other day..  we made it into Jonny's seance room.
 Bloody body bags left in the corners.
 The other other seance room.
 Sketchy hallway
  Hannah Bartie: Riff Raff
 Sarah Wojner: Chuckie
 Faythe Levine: all seeing mystic
Me: Medusa
 Falling on a bed of nails, by Dead Man's Carnival
Big thanks to Rachel at Great Lakes Distillery for the Absinthe and Kinnickinnic Whiskey!

That's where my party brain started and the picture taking ended, so see more on Daniel Arnold's camera here.
 The next day we went to Holy Hill and did some serious hanging around.
Gia from Unearthen came from LA, and Kim and Jonny from The Wild Unknown came from NY.
Hannah died and I didn't even know it.  Bye Han.
 More pics on Faythe's blog. A special thanks to Renee and Paul for driving from Louisville (and bringing me cruelty-free eggs from their happy chickens).


Stefania Rose said...

THIS is how to do Halloween! That upside down room is incredible!

styleforlife said...

This is rad!

Prism Of Threads said...

I think I would of taken a giant dump in my pants but looks like the raddest Halloween ever!

SIGNS! said...
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Faythe Levine said...

milwaukee is better now.