Saturday, September 17, 2011


Margaret Durow and ManiaMania were strangers before the box of MM jewels arrived at the photographer's doorstep. However, the collection of nostalgic photographs Margaret captured of herself with these pieces seem to prove otherwise. Using natural light, real film and true emotion, her dreamy photographs come across as very personal, moody and timeless - and like they've been 2gether 4ever.
We were immensely pleased to find Margaret Durow in our home state of Wisconsin (Thanks Cody), and even more pleased when she expressed interest in this project to photograph MANIAMANIA's Reve collection.
You can feel the honesty and genuine raw talent of the 22 year old from her photos. (check her flickr page). She's currently going to UW Madison for Environmental Studies / Biological Conservation, and has already gained a ton of recognition for her photography.
For this project she used real film and a photoshop layering technique to accomplish the very MANIAMANIA-esque vibe. (We showed Tamila and Melanie- the MM ladies- the photos last week in NY and they were thrilled).
Of course she gets extra points for including her cat in the photos (who, apparently acted very strange around the jewelry and insisted on being in the shoot). These are a few of my faves, but please take the time to VIEW THE ENTIRE COLLECTION HERE. Thank you Margaret, I can't wait to work with you again.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I love her work.

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