Saturday, July 23, 2011


Anna Sheffield is the latest jewelry designer to join Bona Drag. She is a multifaceted designer and an all-around talented lady. Her training in costume design, welding and blacksmithing seem to inform one another, so she's able to create timeless, elegant jewelry without being too fussy. The simplicity and classic quality to her designs fit with any style or time period. Ya know, the kind of jewelry you wish your great grandmother left you.
I asked these ladies what their favorites were..
Lillian - the Chasse Garnet Pinky Ring
Stevie - the Black Onyx Eleonore Ring
Marlene - the Gold Eleonore Ring
Nina - The Green Amethyst Eleonore Cocktail ring (duh)
Siouxsie - Even though you thought she'd choose Onyx, nope - she already has one. She likes the Solitaire better so leave her alone.
p.s. Anna Sheffield's recent collaboration with Lindsey Thornburg will also be added to the shop within the next day or two.


Pralinka said...

I love all these rings!

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kendal croix. said...

These are so perfect, I love the onyx one.

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Love them all!!!!
I got my studded ballet flats!!!
They are fabulous!!!!