Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We absolutely love Tara Subkoff's new label, Imitation. Subkoff once again proves to be an amazingly talented designer with her latest line of dresses and capes:
Gorgeously thick lace and delicate silk fabrics strike the perfect balance of vintage and modern. The subtle color palette of light blues, peaches and ivory allows attention to the beautiful fabrics and striking silhouettes. Although this shade of blue is especially incredible..
Imitation seems to have more of an emphasis on wearability than Subkoff's earlier label, Imitation of Christ, although her vintage inspirations are still apparent. She cohesively blends the most interesting elements of different time periods and manages to make it look fresh. Her designs are a little bit classic, but new. A little bit sexy, but adorable, and a little bit glamorous, but playful.
It's not every day I see a collection that makes me wonder "what would I look like if I were a hollywood-femme-fatale-white-fairy-gothic-ballerina?

Nice work, Tara... Nice work.

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