Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The Pamela Love presentation comes first, of course. Bright whites and pastels never looked this perfect.
Made Her Think collaborated with Mandy Coon for her show. They made amazing little bug pins (see the big one on the black cape below). Pins are making a comeback.. I know this because Randi at Aesa gave us each a pin for Christmas, and she's really smart (she reads physics books when she can't sleep).
Lindsey Thornburg's oversized hoods.
And Lindsey's bushfire print.
And her collaboration with her bestie.. Anna Sheffield. Here are some of their collab pieces mixed with some of the Anna Sheffield collection that we couldn't live without.
The endlessly amazing soy lattes. Especially Gimme Coffee!!!
We found a much needed normalish bar.
The Like played at Rachel Antonoff's presentation. Our appts ran too late so we missed it.. but it was held in a high school gymnasium with a formal dance theme (even with spiked punch).
Hannah's new dress! I made her wear it to the Pamela Love show even though it was freezing. Our dinner with Carly and Matthew from All For The Mountain.. the new collection went really well with sake.
We learned some deep, dark secrets from our designers this visit. Carly from All For the Mountain hates water, Rachel Antonoff finds serious comfort in eating mall food for dinner, and Randi from Aesa gives her boyfriend crazy eyes during nyfw. Also, that asshole Pamela Love always looks a hundred times even more beautiful in person.


this symmetry. said...

We love Pamela Love, looks like fun!

Veronica said...

I am literally dying over that Pamela Love pentagram cuff.

heather said...

this is an amazing post! x

kendal croix. said...

Pamela is too great. All the jewelry looks amazing.

savannah bree said...

love that big hood its like red riding hood
and the lace dress<3
follow me back? :)
xo savannah bree