Monday, December 6, 2010


We received an Unearthen crystal necklace shipment just in time for the holidays! Seriously the best gift ever.Gia and I hand picked the crystals together again.. this has got to be my favorite batch yet.
She showed me these stunning little green zincite crystals she had.. I really wanted to somehow add them to the collection so we decided to pair them with a pale chlorite.
We made it really easy to choose your necklace this time.. We took detailed photos and wrote descriptions - view all the necklaces by clicking the photo below.


Anonymous said...

i need every single one - stunning!amazing! Som xo

pj said...

love it! :)

eugenialejos said...

oh!!! love love love!

koast to koast said...

Super inspiring pieces!
love them Ladies x

xx Kayti and Kels

Unknown said...

wow! awesome! I want to have one too. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I was wondering if it's possible to buy one from you and have it shipped? Very cool pictures.
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