Thursday, September 23, 2010


During fashion week, the Bona Drag team finally got to meet Lindsey Thornburg. She was immediately friendly, warm and lovely. Quirky and funny, too. She hugged Heather and exclaimed "Oh my god, you smell like a Bob Dylan song!" Wow. Much like her designs; you just wish you'd thought of it first.
Lindsey Thornburg's latest collection is mind-blowing and amazing. Everything is pretty much guaranteed to make you want to live as one with nature or become a mystic. Maybe a full time soothsayer. Her designs are always interesting and dramatic. I even dreamt about the gorgeous silk totem dress!
Erin Wasson was smart enough to wear the maxi version of the totem dress during fashion week. Below is a secret sneak preview of Spring.
So I just hope you're all ready for the autumnal equinox. To celebrate I'll be wearing a Thornburg cape. Experimenting with some druid alchemy. Ya know, just mixing some scents...trying to smell like my favorite song.


bravegrrl said...

that dress is amazing

jodache said...

Heather, what's your scent? I want to know what a Bob Dylan song smells like.

Heather said...

my fave scents are Stella, Chanel Mademoiselle and Tom Ford black orchid.. and I believe black orchid was what smelled like a Bob Dylan song.