Sunday, April 25, 2010

for he is defenseless without you

i've been really into foxes lately. most likely stemming from the very attractive fantastic mr fox.
a painting: snarling foxes by glenn grancio. i just discovered it and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites.
my cousin from wisconsin just sent me these photos of this fox family that made a home under her shed.
reason number million to not wear fur.


tothemetal said...

I love the title of this post! Nick Cave is one of my favorite artists. And I couldn't agree more with you on the fur issue; will the cruelty ever stop?

camille said...

i love ur blog.

see u on

Bekväm said...

What's not to love about foxes? They're awesome!

Adele said...

They are the cutest, I nearly ran one over yesterday :(
- Adele

cult classic said...

ahh i just watched fantastic mr. fox such an amazing movie! all the orange and camel tones were so inspiring for summer!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

I am SO OBSESSED with that Glenn Grancio painting, I can't believe the dude from LCD Soundsystem owns the ONLY frickin' copy. Kills me.