Friday, August 29, 2008

MIXTAPE - track sixteen, volume four

clarence "frogman" henry - ain't got no home

the last song on the mix. i have no idea what the deal is with clarence's different voices on this song, but i'm feeling it. john invented listening to this one a few months ago, and sometimes i feel like it's the best thing that ever happened to us. when it comes on, it makes everyone drop what they are doing, get stoked and start dancing.
the next time you and your dude/lady are being silently mad at each other after getting into a retarded argument, just put this song on extra loud and do the choreographed dance that you've been rehearsing. if they aren't laughing, break up with them immediately.


horrible aesthete said...

i became aware of this song as a young girl. corey haim in the bathtub singing, in that movie "the lost boys". very formative.

saucer said...

i'm practicing the "not even a bru-da" part out loud over and over... and LOL'ing at myself til i get it right.

Mila said...

You have an amazing blog!