Friday, August 22, 2008

end of the family line

sometimes people are traveling and then moving, and just plain being too awesome to take the time to write about it. but i'm done with that bullshit now. and our things are almost all put away from the big move.this guy is awesome. thank god he's my boyfriend for life. we just took a trip to milwaukee to visit brother made me a bloody mary.

my sister let me take showers in her apartment. she always has all the best fancy shampoos and sandy soaps and body butters.
john getting ready for his 20th high school reunion
john getting nervous and drinking a million beers before walking into his high school reunion.
besides for the fam, brian is probably my favorite person to visit in milwaukee. he's even in my top ten favorite people of all time. and yes, that is a very cute top i'm wearing. it's my new favorite, handmade by luxury jones and will be on the site next week.
this place has some sserious ambience.
drawing party before dinner

dorothy always wears the best gear.
even though our nephews and nieces are awesome.. this trip may have confirmed our decision to not have kids. our life is too perfect now.. what if they mess it all up?


ryder said...

what beautiful country!

Anonymous said...

lately i've been feeling like kids are a good idea. i may adopt one of those chinese olympian ones.


Anonymous said...

Life gets "messed up" whether you have kids or not - change happens, things happen that you can't predict and don't expect.

Pony Attack!! said...

John and I were discussing children before he left for WI and he told me that I don't want kids because I am selfish. Thats why I/he moved to California because we care more about our selves. If you weren't selfish I'd would be living in Colorado with a million kids wearing sweatpants. Couldn't agree more. I love being selfish.

Anonymous said...

Asshole, I was there what do you think about that girl? boo!

heather said...

also, renee was there and i really like her a lot too.

hotdoorknobs said...
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Ringo, have a banana! said...

Babies seem pretty over rated, if you ask me. Also, this seems like such a beautiful place, and Dorothy looks amazing!