Monday, July 28, 2008

MIXTAPE - track seven, volume four

morrissey - at amber
words can't describe. he's is my #1.
one fan's interpretation of at amber lyrics:

"Moz is talking to an invalid friend on the telephone, complaining about all the minor inconveniences of his life - the cold room, the slime & grime, the low-life tenants - when his friend gets frustrated and tells him that he's ungrateful and he shouldn't complain all the time about such pathetic little things because at least he can walk and go places and do things! And then Morrissey reminds his friend that there's more than one way to be an invalid; there's the psychological as well as the physical; and that, in a sense, they are the same. hence the title "At Amber" - at a yellow light, neither moving forward nor fully stopping. Rather like an invalid - somewhere between living and dying."

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