Tuesday, July 1, 2008

cory madley

every time i visit lydia in venice, we plan to stop in at the madley boutique before dinner. but every time things always happen like dress up parties or finishing a glass of wine, and we never make it before it closes.
but last weekend that all changed and i visited the shop not once but twice - and i might even have to say it's my new favorite LA boutique. Every piece is gorgeous. luckily cory madley was there so i was able to meet her and fall in love with her and also place a wholesale order for some of her amazing knit dresses. i already bought one for myself off the rack because i really don't think i could have lived another day without it. i also picked up some of her beautiful handmade necklaces which will be up in the shop by next week. here are a few images of her work.
and here's the lovely cory herself. her skin is so white that it almost has a purple glow against her orange hair. she reminds me of an amethyst. have i mentioned that i'm really into crystals now? much more on that later.

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