Friday, July 18, 2008

art vandelay

a couple good art shows are happening this weekend in los angeles, both on saturday night.

my sister's best friend faythe made a documentary about the rise of DIY art, craft and design. she's having a silent art auction at the poketo headquarters to help fund the movie.
my cousin cody hudson has a new show opening on saturday at the new image art gallery. his amazing choice of colors is always a good time. i just wish lori would surprise me and be there.


Faythe Levine said...

thanks lady. good to see you. i hope that the third time is a charm and we get more than 10 minutes to talk.

xo fl

LS said...

awww I wish I would have been there too. I kinda got jealous cause all my LA friends (most via chicago) were there too. oh well, i guess here's always next memorial day??

tanktop said...

no way, cody hudson is your cousin?
his show this fall at the MCA was amazing.