Tuesday, March 18, 2008

some have even lost their petals

you may enjoy reading this blog i recently came across called harold loves maude. it's relatively short and readable in one sitting. it's better if you just start reading it (from the beginning, which would be the end of the blog) without knowing anything more but you choose your life and you choose if you want to keep reading my words. it's written by heidi haru from the perspective of a young man named harold, who's character seems to be loosely based on harold chasen from one of the best movies of all time, harold and maude.
if you do read these entries, i'm going to recommend your suspension of disbelief that this is in fact written by harold himself. it's funner.
harold and maude (bud cort and ruth gordon)

paul zitzer, i mean harold with his amazing/insane mother (renee ryan?)

a more recent bud cort on the set of life aquatic with steve zissou

heidi haru also has a collection of stories coming out soon from touch touch publishing. could be neat.


juliet small ernst said...

you just made my day. :)

wexel said...

aw hell no. i was looking up harold stuff and here you are?! for fuck sake this is a big world. hi, love.
love, lia.