Wednesday, January 30, 2008

unveiling the mystery book set

i received the miranda july mystery book set in the mail - it turned out to be FIVE books and miranda signed and scribbled little notes in each book! two of them are brand new and written by her - of course both are fascinating. especially 'no one belongs here more than you' - i think i might even say it's my favorite.

the other three are used books from her own personal collection.
mystery book #1 SIGMUND FREUD - the problem of anxiety. i've discovered this cool disorder in my 30's and will definitely read this.

mystery book #2 - Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson. he wrote the emperor's new clothes, little mermaid and my favorite childhood book, thumbelina (which is actually pretty jacked now that i read it again). i just wiki'd him and found out he was a gay. but back when he probably couldn't find another gay to be gay with. poor guy. i'm most excited about this one - especially the illustrations "by children of eighteen nations".

mystery book #3 - nighttouch by three dudes i've never heard of - all about nightmares. this book looks creepy and sketchy and i'm a little scared to open it. i think i'll give it to john for valentines day.

thank you kime buzzelli!! miranda july is like elvis to me.