Tuesday, January 22, 2008

encinitas vs NYC

8 reasons why new york is great and i should think about moving there:

1) they have something called morrissey night every sunday
2) i miss winters
3) ny has milwaukee type things like squirrel nests and salty sidewalks
4) i hate strip malls
5) i really love drinking, eating and walking
6) endless things to do and see and be
7) inspiring and challenging
8) no surfers

10 reasons why i should probably never think about moving there:

1) morrissey night sucked
2) i like my space
3) i really like my boyfriend
4) my bona drag boxes would be too expensive to store
5) it would be hard to find somewhere to have badminton parties
6) i would be drunk every single night and i might die
7) i like quiet times a lot more than i think
8) i'm already happy
9) the beach is pretty cool i guess
10) burritos
11) i can always just go to LA if i need some cityness

p.s. thanks for your patience while i was in nyc. all orders will ship out today.

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