Saturday, January 26, 2008

the coolest thing on ebay

kime buzzelli is selling this on EBAY. miranda july picked out three of her favorite books from her personal collection and wrapped them up for this mystery book set. is this not the most perfect valentine's day gift?

UPDATE : we are supposed to be on a budget, since we just bought a minivan for the future of our family of cats. but i really needed this. and my valentine was too busy caring about rambo to buy it for me. not that he knows how to bid on ebay or ever will. luckily no one except freckle face and possibly hannah reads this blog, so i was able to still purchase it at a reasonable price after i put it on blast. i'll unravel the mysteries soon.


freckle face said...

not when i start bidding it wont be reasonable!
could say something clever about who i WOULD send it too for V-Day but you'd probably get all upset, talk about how "stoops" i am, open a bottle of shitty wine, listen to mozzer and cry. oh wait, you're gonna do that anyway.

melissa said...

what a great find!! did you already win it?

Heather Rose said...

yes melissa, i already won it. freckle face has a hard time reading words.

freckle face said...

read this....F off!!!