Wednesday, January 9, 2008

collecting songs

i've been hot on the prowl for perfect songs to put on my new bona drag mixtape cd. so far i found what might be the sexiest song ever - these two ladies covering a serge gainsbourg song:

i also received this amazing link from neighbor amy which inspired me to add this song to the mix:

super old footage of young stevie nicks singing with feathers in her hair. is it weird how close that girl is standing to stevie while she sings the entire song?

do you have any favorite secret songs?

UPDATE - unfortunately the recorded verson of wild heart almost SUCKS in comparison to this clip! it did not make the cut and it hurts my feelings.

1 comment:

thetiniestspark said...

oh, i so love that duet...karen elson is ridiculous. stupidly beautiful, english, red-head, married to jack white, AND serge-gainsbourg cover lovely voice??! gah.