Wednesday, January 2, 2008


my special spiritual friend chad bartie told me that 2008 is supposed to be the year of change. and the year for karma to return. overall, it's supposed to be a pretty good year for everyone. my resolutions for this year:

quit my job to work on bona drag full time
don't drink more than two glasses of anything per night. unless i'm at smiths night in NY. or in NY in general. or with hannah in general.
buy a house so i can get a kitten and paint my living room green
eat more raw foods
finally get my morrissey tattoo
spend more time choreographing interpretive dances for john
write more letters to my aunt clara
go on a tropical/waterfallish real vacation with john
drink more coffee and do more sleeping in
do things to my hair like ginger in casino
start painting the collection of portraits that will hang in my green living room
hang out with casey more

happy new year everyone. be sure to explore the space.

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